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November 4, 2016 @ 7:52 PM
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Century 21 Parkland Ltd. And The Nunno Group of Realtors will provide and pay on the client’s behalf part of the following:     


Financial Pledges:


1. Job Loss/Layoff Insurance coverage

2. Gas Heating Basic Protection Plan

3. Air Conditioning Basic Protection Plan     

4. Free “Air Miles”

5. Home & Termite Inspections

6. Mortgage Appraisal Fee     

7. CMHC or G.E Capital Application Fee

8. Survey or Title Insurance

*subject to terms and conditions


Service Pledges


9. Be loyal and keep your information confidential

10. Explain to the clients the GST, RRSP, OHOSP plans

11. Educate clients on “retrofit status” in the Mega City

12. Assess the clients’ needs and wants

13 Select and pre-inspect properties

14. E-main purchasers’ daily updates

15. Search other than MLS systems (networks and old clients’ database)

16. Obtain mortgage pre-approval and discuss its benefits.

17. Obtain written Sellers’ property information statement

18. Evaluate prospective information statement

19. Negotiate offers on clients’ best interest

20. Manage the details until closing

21 Why me:

            Member of: TREB, OREA and CREA


Our Mutual Objective…

To have a successful purchase:

  • At the best possible price
  • Within a reasonable time
  • With minimum inconvenience to you


Let us show you how simple and more beneficial buying your home can be through





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